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International School Services



TY & Partners works with multi-national companies, organizations and individuals with the financial resources to establish and operate an international school in Korea.  We have special expertise and knowledge from launching to managing and operating the international school from our working experiences with many international schools present in Korea and understand their unique requirements and settings.  Our lawyer of extensive experiences can assist you from the very start in preparing and filing documents and acquiring licenses necessary for the establishment and operation of international schools, developing and reviewing all necessary handbooks, policy manuals, reporting documents and procedures to support the operation of international schools.  Our legal services for the international schools extend to provide ongoing counsels in various legal issues that may regularly arise during the management and operation of international schools of Korea such as labor and employment issues, disciplinary actions/procedures or any legal proceedings that the international schools undergo in connection with the school operations in Korea.






Today’s legal and regulatory environment is one in which litigation can threaten a company’s very existence.  TY & Partners, one of the best law firms in Korea, has extensive experience with such large-scale, “bet-the-company” matters in Korea, and we are widely recognized for our best ability to handle our clients’ most critical litigation issues.  The firm can rapidly assemble a focused, integrated and efficient team to address all important aspects of a client’s problem and to handle numerous cases in multi-jurisdictions and forums.



Multi Level Marketing (MLM)



The environment in which the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and direct selling industry must operate has put a premium on effective legal counsel.  Direct selling and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies must strategically and tactically prepare for this environment.  Such preparation demands a breadth and depth of experience from an attorney in all aspects of corporate operations, as well as in the law of direct selling and multilevel marketing.  Our firm, with attorneys over 15 years of experience in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and direct selling industry, is one of the few law firms in Korea providing full service in multi level marketing and direct sales ranging from start-ups to industry-leading multi-million dollar operations.  We have assisted numerous international Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and direct selling companies in their launch in Korea by providing cost-effective packages specifically designed for start-ups including entity set-up, filing all necessary registrations and licenses, reviewing compensation plan, policies & procedures, marketing materials, etc.  Our comprehensive legal services are designed to help our clients successfully navigate the expansive labyrinth of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and direct selling laws and regulations, as well as to provide them with ongoing legal counsels in legal issues that regularly arise in the course of business such as sales and marketing, contracts, compliance trainings, compensation structures, etc.


Overseas Investment



TY & Partners represents lots of international clients doing business in Korea. Our diverse roster of international clients includes leading European, Asian, and other companies across a wide range of industries.  Serving these clients has made us well-versed in the myriad legal issues faced by international entities seeking to operate in the potential economy market in the world/Asia.  Our lawyers draw upon the breadth of the firm's experience in mergers and acquisitions, competition, government affairs, intellectual property, entertainment, antitrust and other regulatory matters to help clients promptly resolve all potential issues related to foreign/overseas investment and operations.



Product Liability



At TY & Partners, one of the best law firms in Korea, we handle complex multiparty, multi-jurisdictional cases in a wide variety of industries, including mass tort and class action litigation, and individual claims.  We thoroughly understand our clients’ industries and businesses so we can recommend the best course of action based on each client’s circumstances.  Product liability is high on the political agenda, and with the introduction of regulations in 2005 requiring the notification of unsafe products to the authorities, product liability risk is increasingly difficult to manage.  Rapid response, strong defense and a broad reach are critical.  We advise on liability at all stages of the product life cycle and in all types of commercial contract.  We handle complex multiparty, multi-jurisdictional cases for household brand names and increasingly deal with class actions. Our international reach means that we can provide on-the-ground local support to product recall situations in the major jurisdictions.



Real Estate



With TY & Partners, our Real Estate practice assists our clients across the country wherever their business needs may take them.  Known for our efficiency in handling transactions of all sizes and degrees of complexity, we represent major corporations, regional and national developers, REITs, private equity funds, institutional lenders, investors, pension funds and advisers, and special servicers in connection with their ownership, use, and financing of real estate.  We are experienced in acquisitions, dispositions, financing, workouts and restructurings, land assemblage, development, investments by foreign entities, sale-leasebacks, leasing, taxation, condemnation, and land use.  We demonstrate a thorough understanding of our clients' objectives by having each matter overseen by a partner who assembles an experienced and cost-effective team of lawyers and legal assistants to manage the project.  By carefully crafting each team, we are able to maintain excellence and control costs.  We work equally well with clients in the real estate industry and those whose business model deploys real estate as a key strategic asset.






Despite fluctuations in financial markets, cross-border capital flows remain a vital part of the capital markets. At TY & Partners, one of the best law firms in Korea, we offer broad resources and reach to help plan and execute viable, innovative capital structures anywhere in the world.  We regularly advise issuers, shareholders and some of the largest public and emerging private companies in a wide variety of capital markets transactions including debt, equity and equity-linked issues, and in complex, multi-jurisdictional acquisitions and divestitures involving public companies.  We integrate with client project teams seamlessly to help them pursue the best funding opportunities.



Trade & Commerce



While business practices differ from product to product or service to service, the life cycle of each contains the same fundamental elements.  It starts with research and development, consulting services, procurement of raw materials or ingredients and actual manufacturing, then rolls over into transportation, moves into distribution, marketing and advertising in the destination market, and ends in the final sale to the customer or consumer.  TY & Partners’ Trade & Commerce practice can help you enter new markets and confidently grow your business around the world.  We have extensive experience across all industries and service sectors in Korea, including food and consumables, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fashion and luxury products, and others.



White Color Criminal Defense



Even before the current economic crisis, businesses throughout the world had been operating in an increasingly global and aggressive enforcement environment, which will only grow more intense as major financial scandals emerge.  Overseas bribery and corruption, market abuse, competition/antitrust and fraud enforcement is increasing, prosecutors and regulators are more aggressively seeking criminal sanctions and government support is growing for funding the investigation and prosecution of financial crimes. Cooperation between enforcement agencies around the world is greater than ever before and those corporations seeking to increase their global footprint need to understand the risks associated with cross-border investigations and prosecutions.  TY & Partners’ White Collar Criminal Defense practice is a team of partner and associates who specialize in criminal, regulatory and compliance problems affecting major corporations, their officers and employees.  We represent corporations, business entities and individuals at every stage of the business risk cycle – from legislative monitoring and lobbying; to developing proactive compliance programs and conducting internal audits and investigations; to providing advice during criminal or regulatory investigations; to defending clients in court when necessary.


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