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Antitrust compliance is becoming more complex and costly.  Joint investigations between local authorities are increasingly frequent and enforcement, more aggressive.  As penalties become more punitive, cartel members race to self-report violations and obtain amnesty.  TY & Partners, one of the best law firms for antitrust practice in Korea, can help navigate shifting antitrust and competition policies worldwide with precision and ease.  We have the systems and standards to carry out the most complex, cross-border compliance strategies.  Our team swiftly coordinates the first steps toward amnesty, conducting internal investigations without breaching privilege and privacy laws so that leniency applications remain credible and sound.  And with fluent knowledge of procedural rules and legal systems, we have a good track record of achieving results for clients during dawn raids, criminal proceedings and high profile private antitrust lawsuits.



Corporate Governance



TY & Partners Corporate Governance practice has lawyers who provide a broad range of corporate and business services to publicly held corporations and private businesses.  In many cases, we serve as general counsel for corporations and represent them in all aspects of their corporate life – from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its evolution and operation.  Our Corporate Governance practice is broad and often intersects with closely related practices – particularly securities.  We are involved in all aspects of corporate governance, including director and officer liability. We represent corporations in structuring their initial capitalization and in ongoing corporate financing transactions utilizing a wide range of public and private debt and equity instruments.  We are active in domestic and cross-border corporate transactions – major mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as equity investments and change of control transactions.  We also counsel businesses in connection with their ongoing contractual relationships with domestic and international customers, suppliers, and distributors.  TY & Partners, one of the best law firm in Korea, has many practice areas within the umbrella of our corporate services.  They include all aspects of banking; mergers and acquisitions; real estate; intellectual property; labor and employment; securities and capital markets; and insurance, among others.



Dispute Resolution



In today’s global marketplace, disputes are growing in number and complexity. Businesses are facing intense competition and must manage the risks and challenges in doing business locally and internationally.  Higher accountability standards and tighter regulatory scrutiny increase exposure and vulnerability.  We are uniquely positioned to help you navigate these complexities with confidence, while achieving your strategic and commercial objectives.  We assemble efficient and best teams to minimize the cost and time it takes to resolve your disputes.  Our lawyers partner with you to identify and implement the most appropriate business solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like mediation.  We also work closely with other practice areas to develop compliance programs and perform risk assessments to help reduce your overall litigation exposure.  Our experience in complex, high-stakes, multi-jurisdictional disputes and we can deal effectively with the substantive issues and subtle nuances of managing your disputes wherever they arise.



FCPA Defense



The lawyers and consultants of TY & Partners offer innovative, comprehensive counsel to the FCPA Defense industry.  We work closely with clients on numerous fronts to successfully accomplish their business, legal, and political goals in a cost-effective manner.  TY & Partners' FCPA Defense practice draws from our broad range of functional areas to provide comprehensive business counsel and representation to our clients – from corporate strategic counsel, to procurement strategy, to securing objectives through the budget and authorization and appropriation process, to international sales and transactions, to government contracts counseling and litigation.



Government Affairs



In today’s business environment, companies across all industries find it increasingly important to understand the legislative and regulatory worlds of central and local government.  TY & Partners’ governmental affairs team brings together experienced attorneys and governmental affairs professionals in Korea.  Our qualified and experienced team supports clients with best services including governmental marketing, legislation and policy drafting, issue monitoring and research, appropriations and procurement assistance, regulatory analysis and strategic planning in Korea.  We possess the capabilities necessary to help our clients navigate the complexities of all levels of Korean government.



Expats Services



There are many challenges when moving to a different country.  Like other countries, Korea has its own various laws and regulations and it is crucial to work with an expert from the very start who can successfully lead an expat through the labyrinth of legal issues.  Our lawyers with years of experiences in assisting expats living in Korea can provide full and best legal services ranging from immigration process such as visa application/extension or work permit application to any legal issues that need professional legal advice during their presence in Korea – from lease arrangement and lease contract; to labor and employment issues; to criminal or civil actions/proceedings or defense in a court if necessary; to divorce and separation issues; to personal assests management in Korea; and to any other immigration issues.  






The pharmaceuticals and healthcare business is becoming increasingly complex.  Industry players worldwide face growing competition — and tougher regulation in Korea.  At TY & Partners, one of the best law firms in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life science and healthcare industries, our broad experience and sophisticated understanding of the global pharmaceuticals market put us in a unique position to fluently help our clients navigate risks, realize opportunities, and stay ahead of the innovation curve.  We are the premier firm to provide focused pharmaceutical industry advice.  And we can provide innovative advice on pipeline and geographic expansions, monitor industry trends and changes, and execute cross-border mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations in Korea.  We have a competent team in place to help ensure your patents and other intellectual assets are protected and enforced.  And our leading Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution practices can give you integrated, cost-effective solutions on all related issues in our clients' businesses in Korea.



Intellectual Property



Defining and protecting your innovation and creativity is increasingly difficult and complex. Internet marketing and sophisticated counterfeiting operations are expanding risks and opportunities for Intellectual Property (IP) holders, and inefficiencies in the international patent system are leading many to clamor for change.  At TY & Partners, we understand new challenges in IP protection and can provide unique and global solutions.  We see IP management as a strategic issue and have developed people, processes and technologies to promote sound and cost-effective stewardship of intellectual property.  Wherever you are, and whatever your industry, you need people you can trust to meet your IP business objectives.  With TY & Partners, one of the best law firms in Korea, you get the deep IP knowledge more commonly associated with boutique IP firms, along with the global resources and wider commercial perspective of our international practice.  Increasingly, these are both essential for staying ahead in this dynamic area.  Our experienced trial attorneys represent complainant and defendants in all phases of intellectual property disputes around the globe as well as in Korea, including arbitrations, mediations and appeals.  We have significant and best experience in the growing arena of international intellectual property disputes.





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